Reach Cooperation

January 3, 2021, we received payment from our customers and successfully ordered our toilet paper packaging bags. The customer is from the United States and paid for the order through the Alibaba platform Credit Insurance. From the first communication on October 1, 2020, to the successful payment order now.

After the introduction, the customer generally understood our products and did not immediately decide to order, so in order to make the customer more assured, we sent samples to the customer and asked the customer to check whether the quality meets his requirements. After the customer received the sample, he decided to customize a product of his own. During this period, we often ignored the time difference, discussed with each other, made suggestions and opinions with each other, and continuously improved the design to make the design more perfect and meet customer needs. Finally Complete the design drawings that satisfy customers and start production. Maybe we have questioned and thought about giving up, but in the end we chose to trust each other, and with the efforts of both sides, we reached a perfect cooperation.

Our main products are daily necessities packaging products, such as diaper packaging, sanitary napkin packaging, toilet paper packaging, etc., which are exported to countries all over the world.

We support VISA, Paypal, T/T and other payment methods. At the same time, we also provide OEM and ODM services.

Chengxin Packaging strives to create a first-class production environment and atmosphere, absorbs and organizes high-quality staff, adheres to the consistent dedication and innovation spirit, unites, and promises to provide the best service and products to customers. Chengxin Packaging will continue to win the long-term trust of customers with the craftsman spirit and excellent quality in the future, and expects to continue to provide better service for flexible packaging.

Welcome people of insight from all walks of life to visit our company and discuss business. Your visit is the driving force and source of Chengxin people’s development.

Post time: Jan-11-2021